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Re: Sitecom wireless lan card

A sort of reply to my own problem, lest anyone else come across it and
need help:

1. I disbled the PCMCIA support in my kernel and used only the yenta
cardbus support, which made the card start to give a consistent vendor ID.

2. the card has an acx111 chipset and I found an experimental driver here:


the card is now clearly recognised and can be activated (green led lights
up) by inserting the approriate module.

3. Now I get to test it in the network environment tomorrow!

Many other wireless cards from various companies are supported by this
driver , so I hope this info may be useful to someone. I would also like to
 add that I was helped to find this by an employee of sitecom who has his own web site with linux
how to's for several of their products. On a side note it is released
under the BSD license, put I hope that puts nobody off...

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004 debianlaptop@ferrando.co.uk wrote:

> Hi list,
> 	I've recently been tring out a sitecom WL-120 pcmcia cardbus
> wireless LAN card. running on a dell latitude 610 under unstable,

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