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Re: buy new laptop

On 15.02.2004 05:51 Johannes Zarl wrote:
On Fri, Feb 06, 2004 at 06:53:13PM -0500, Martin R?hricht wrote:
Sorry for the late response..

Here everything works fine with acme and the hotkeys for the sound on a Acer Travelmate 803LmiB. I don't know what I configured some months ago, but those three hotkeys (raise sound, lower sound, disable sound) can be accessed on this Notebook with Linux and the acme tool.

Maybe I find out if I had to configure something for that.

I didn't mean the hotkeys for sound (read: the <Fn>-keys). Above the
keyboard there are 4 buttons right of the power-button. These 4 buttons
I couldn't get to work.

Yes, I didn't get those ones to work either and I didn't hear from anybody who made those special keys work on Linux.


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