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Re: Nvidia driver bug?

Le 12458ième jour après Epoch,
Sridhar Srinivasan écrivait:

> Hi,

Hi Sridhar.

> I'm running unstable on a Dell Inspiron 4100 with the nvidia
> GeForce2Go graphics card. I recently upgraded my nvidia driver from
> version 5328 to 5336 and since then I've faced this weird problem. 
> If I suspend the laptop to RAM and leave it for a few hours, it
> reboots when I wake it up again. The weird thing is that it works fine
> if I wake it within a couple of hours. The syslog shows the apmd
> suspending and after that it shows the laptop booting up. I didn't
> have that problem with the 5328 version, so I'm wondering if anyone
> else has faced/is facing the same problem?

I've had the same problem with older drivers, but it can be the
same. The reason I suspected is ... xscreensaver. So I disable the
screen power management in screensaver preferences, and then all works

The other thing I do is hacking the Nvidia source part of the driver
as described in my installation page. Take a look at:


and especially section: 


Hope this help.

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