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Re: Very basic multiple-interface configuration

David Z Maze wrote:
My laptop has both on-board wired Ethernet and 802.11a/b wireless.
Both of these work fine; I'm using them with ifplugd and it behaves
mostly as I expect.  But the thing is, I recently took the CVS version
of the madwifi Atheros 802.11 driver, and so now ifplugd actually
tries to start the wireless...

(2) If the wireless finds essid "A", run 'ifup ath0=net-foo' instead
    of just 'ifup ath0'.  If it finds essid "B", use it, but don't do
    anything special bringing up the network.  In any case, don't
    switch ssids once the network is up.

You can use "waproamd". It can set different configuration for each essid.


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