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Re: 2.6.1 custom kernel and cpufrqd problems

On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 01:50:14PM -0800, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Hello,
> I have compiled for my Crusoe laptop the following into my new kernel:
> However, if I do 'dpkg-reconfigure cpufreqd' I keep getting this error: 
> >Unable to find a CpuFreq interface in your kernel.
> Any hints as to what I am doing wrong?

Crusoe processor do not need any kind of governors.

Please look at
Documentation/cpu-freq/user-guide.txt why.
To resume, this processor is able to determine itself
what will be the correct frequency to run, according
to two kind of policies (powersave and performance).

Therefore, this processor don't need any kind of software
like cpufreqd in order to switch frequencies.

Since the cpufreqd is a daemon that should use the
userspace governor IIRC, it is a bad idea to
apt-get install cpufreqd,
or any daemon, which use actually the userspace governor.
(Of course, installing a daemon that will set one of
powersave or performance policy depending of AC presence
is a good idea, but if you enable ACPI, you should
be able to do that via acpid(8)).

Instead, you have under /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0
some files which will show the current policy, and the
min and max at which the processor is allowed to run,
according to that policy.  Soon, you should be able to
get the current frequency as well (just that CPUFreq
developpers forgot that feature...).


Ducrot Bruno

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