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Re: questions on ACPI

On Thursday 22 January 2004 10:17, Russell Coker wrote:

> > APM works here. As does ACPI. Running Kernel 2.6 from sid on an ASUS
> > A1300 laptop.
> Do you have apmd installed?  What happens when you do an APM suspend?

Can't say, as I have never done that. I haven't felt the need to. I turn it on 
when I need to, and turn it off again when I don't need it any more.

So from my perspective apm "works" as long as the fans start up before the cpu 
burns a whole through the keyboard.

ACPI didn't do that before kernel 2.6, so the way I saw it, APM worked and 
ACPI didn't. Now I get even better power management with ACPI, so now I only 
run that.


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