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Re: Pb with pcmcia ethernet xircom and kernel 2.6

On Wednesday 21 January 2004 12:28, Joerg Thoennes wrote:
> Nicolas wrote:
> > I also have a Xircom (10/100 + modem) with 2.6.1.  It works with CardBud
> > + yenta_socket build in the kernel without the hotplug package.
> So you use the pcmcia-cs and cardmgr, which is deprecated for the
> CardBus, but obviously still works.  But I suggest to use the newer
> hotplug system.

No, I dont use pcmcia-cs (doesn't compile with 2.6) and cardmgr.  I don't use 
anything other than the kernel modules.  It's that way since 2.6.0-test1 
(yes, I tried almost all of the -test-x -rcx releases :o)

I have two "[pccardd]" process when I use ps, but I think (realy not sure) 
they are kernel process.

Nic Cola
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