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Re: I'm going to buy a new notebook

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> I've seen two notebook: asus M2410C and acer 291LCi.
> does  anyone  of you  have  got  one of  these  laptop?  Are they  fully
> supported by linux? I can ignore the  winmodem, I don't need it. And for
> the network  adapter I can use  ndiswrapper and wait for  te driver that
> intel is developing.
> I'd like to know one thing about  the built in wifi card: can linux turn
> it off? I mean, if I don't use  the wireless network, can I shut it down
> so that it doesn't comsume the battery?

I have an Acer 291LCi.

The 291LCi has a switch on the side to turn the 802.11b card off.

I like my 291LCi. There are some ACPI-problems that I haven't gotten
around to resolve yet. It can't switch between CRT and LCD when
running in ACPI-mode.

I recommend the 2.6.1 (or newer) kernel with it, and Bart Samwel's
laptop_mode patch.
Using laptop_mode, some aggressive hard-drive settings and cpufreq
controlled by powernowd I am getting a little over 5hours battery life.

The Xserver-version in debian/stable is too old. But installing just
the xserver-package from unstable worked fine.

All in all, I am very happy with this computer.

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