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Re: D-Link (pcmcia) DWL-650, debian 3.0r2 and Intel ISA to pcmcia card

Quoting A. F. Cano (afc@shibaya.lonestar.org):
> Hi,
> After having read quite a bit about what is supported, I went out and got
> the D-Link DWL-650.  This wireless card is listed as working and tested
> at www.linux-wlan.org, the revision is P1 which according to D-Link is
> a Prism chipset.  According to what I've read, the orinoco_cs driver should
> support this card.
> I have compiled the latest pcmcia sources with cardbus support.  The drivers
> load (orinoco_cs, hermes, etc...) but I only get a low tone upon insertion
> of the card.
> The hardware is an Intel ISA card with two pcmcia slots (*).  Two other cards
> have been tested and work fine: a modem (serial_cs) and a 3c-589 ethernet
> card (3c589_cs).
> The one thing that could be the problem is the ISA card (I think).  In
> different places I have read that the DWL-650 works in 16 bit and 32 bit
> slots, but also that it requires cardbus.  Is it necessary that the hardware
> explicitely support cardbus?  This is an old board so it likely does not.
> Could this be the reason why this card is not working?  Of course, software-
> wise, the pcmcia package is compiled with cardbus support.
> One other long-shot possibility: could it be that kernel 2.2.20 is too old?
> I've tried 2.4.22 but have encountered disk controller hangs due to buggy
> HW in this old pentium-1 box.  2.2.20 works great.  Because this is such an
> old box, I'd rather not spend too much money on it, but I could return the
> pcmcia card and get a PCI one.
> If there is no way this wireless card will work in this ISA card, what PCI
> wireless card would work with debian with minimum hassle?  Do pci wireless
> cards use the same drivers (minus the _cs)?
> I welcome any info/opinions.
> Thanks.
> A.
> * Yeah, I know.  Not strictly a laptop, but where else would it be more
> appropriate to discuss laptop cards?


I'm pretty sure that you do need cardbus support, and it will most
likely explicitly need to be a cardbus controller that you use. Cardbus
is 32 bit, and acts a lot like pci. This explains it quite well
(http://www.handhelds.org/z/wiki/CardBus). I believe I'm right in saying
that you can't get ISA cardbus adapters, but I might be wrong.


Matt Foster
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