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Re: Linksys EtherFast error - eth0: lost link beat

"Randy" writes:

> I've got an old Toshiba Satellite 2655XDVD that I installed Debian 3.0r1
> on. It keeps giving error messages:
> eth0: lost link beat
> eth0: found link beat
> eth0: autonegotiation complete: 100baseT-HD selected
> [repeat...]

This may be a lame answer but how tight of a physical connection is
there on your Ethernet cable to the PCMCIA card? I had an occasional
"lost link beat" on my laptop due to messed up pins on the PCMCIA card
itself meaning that the connection itself was flaky. When the
connection wasn't good the Ethernet driver lost the beat to the link
which was solved by pushing the do-hickey on the cable in more to the
connector on the card.


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