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Re: Embedded Mail Server

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 07:50, James Horton <james@buffer.net> wrote:
> Has anyone seen a lightweight (portable or embedded) mail sever
> running postfix?  (Sendmail if that's all that is available would work).
> It'd have to have ethernet, and at least 500MB
> of storage. Solid state storage(compact flash) would be keen.

A mail server will by necessity synchronously write all messages to disk, this 
significantly increases the number of writes for a message.

Flash storage wears out after a certain number of writes, and thus won't play 
well with such things.

A server based around flash storage for the root fs and non-volatile RAM for 
the queue might be OK.  But non-volatile RAM is not cheap, see 
http://www.umem.com/ for some prices.

> A 2.6.x linux kernel would be keen, but, 2.4.x would be OK
> as long as the manufacturer/reseller promised a free upgrade
> to a 2.6.x kernel, sooner than later.

2.6.x will sometimes panic on unlinking files, and has a few other issues too.  
Purchasing a server with a 2.6.x kernel now may not be a good idea.  If you 
have a need for a huge server then you may be forced to 2.6.x for the 
performance.  But otherwise you are best advised to stick to 2.4.x for the 

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