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Re: Installation on Compaq Presario 1245

On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 04:39:14PM -0600, Robert Aldridge wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Osamu.  Believe me, if I had a way of networking
> this laptop, I wouldn't be doing an install from floppies! :-)

I see.  So you have no serial port, no parport, no USB...

> The results I described are the results after going through the debian
> installer from floppies.  I haven't manually edited lilo.conf at all, I
> just followed the installer menu to install LILO to MBR.  If I boot from
> a rescue floppy loading root from a floppy, then mount my partitions,
> and drop to a shell, I see the directory structure and files that should
> be there.  The installer mounts /dev/hda3 as /target and /dev/hda1 as
> /target/boot.  If I use "nano-tiny" (the editor that comes with the
> installer) to view lilo.conf, everything appears to be correct, but
> there is no "initrd=" line in there.  

If you installed like this, you usually do not need it.

> Should there be?  Also, if I try
> 'lilo -C /target/etc/lilo.conf' from the shell, I get a Segmentation
> violation error.  

I do not know much but this is strange.  Is yiur BIOS and FDISK use same
sector # etc?  Check fdisk before you get Segmentation violation error.

Also check BIOS setting.

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