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Re: Help me!

Dear Allison,

the DWL-650+ needs a special driver (module) which is currently being
developed. Try this link to download the driver and the installation


There is also a discussion forum where you can post questions, if you
should not succeed with the installation.

An alternative would be to use the Windows driver inside Linux via the
"Driverloader" module available from Linuxant. Note, however, that this is
commercial software! A trial verion (30 days) is available, after that it
is 30$ or such for the license. The Windows driver is usually available
from the D-Link site or from the CD accompanying the card.

Good luck!

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Ducky Lindsay wrote:

DL> Sir-
DL>    I'm a dumb high school student who just installed Red Hat 9.0 on her
DL> latitude c600. (I got tired of rebooting Windows.) Anway, I have a Dlink
DL> DWL-650+ card but no idea how to make it work with my lovely laptop. I've
DL> been to websites, including the one you suggested, and gotten utterly
DL> confused. Can you help me?
DL>    -Allison

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