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Re: compaq nx9010

Incoming from Ryoji Takahashi:
> i've just got compaq nx9010 from our institute.  I'm now currently 
> installing debian woody-3.0r0.
> But, if someone knows, i would like get information about MBR ... after 
> i installed, i edited lilo.config ... i checked lilo.  Then it seems i 
> didn't mistake though, then, there is no boot manager comes out.  I 

After editing lilo.conf, you have to run lilo for it to take effect.
If you made a boot floppy, you can boot off that, run lilo, then boot
from the hard drive.

If it boots up from lilo, you can press the <SHIFT> key when you see
the lilo prompt.  That will list your possible boot options.

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