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bootable usb zip disk

I have a laptop without floppy/cdrom -- it only claims to be able to boot from
usb-fdd which seems to be the same as usb-zip (at least in BIOS it was fdd and afterwards he asked me if I wanted to boot from my harddisk or usb-zip).

I foolishly killed my linux partition and now Lilo only dais "LI" and that's

So to get the thing going again I'd need a ZIP-DISK that is directly bootable
via USB -- it does not need to be any fancy as long as it has an fdisk or a
lilo on it, that allows me to clean my master boot record (so I could boot back
into winXP and run loadlin).

Would anybody know where to get such a ZIP?

The only other option I see is to remove the hard disk from the laptop and
attach it via a 2.5"->3.5" adapter to my desktop machine and overwrite the MBR
there -- hope that is not necessary.

On the internet I only found stuff about how to boot from USB-Sticks, whcih
did not work for me.

My Laptop is a JVC MP-XP7210.

thanks tim

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