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Re: IBM 760XL video

Nate Bargmann wrote:
Hi Brian.

I'm not sure if my page and XF86Config file would help you, check out: http://www.qsl.net/n0nb/linux/tp760ed.html I guess it depends on how
disimilar the 760XL and 760ED are.


- Nate >>

It seems that the common thread between all of the 760XL laptops that got X to work is that they used version 3.X, and the svga video driver. Unfortunetly, this seems like it's no longer possible. As far as I am seeing, I have version 4.X of X, and don't have an svga driver. The vga only gives me 320x200, and the trident driver doesn't work at all with this chipset. I'll look through some more information before doing so, but it seems that I may have to go back to Win98 SE for a time (I already feel the walls closing in). Either that, or at the local LUG meeting I'll see if anyone can help. I think we're doing an install anyway.
Thanks for all the help.

Brian Ronk
System Administrator
BookMasters, Inc

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