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Re: newbie question

Thorsten Haude wrote:

Welcome to the world of Linux!

* Tendril <tendril@shotgunsandwich.net> [2004-01-03 16:14]:

I was given a thinkpad with debian woody installed (no billyware). It
boots lovely except for the audio. I get this message at logon:

error while initialising sound driver:
device /dev/dsp can't be opened (permission denied)
the sound server will continue, using the null output lines

Logon as normal user? Then you should check the permission of
/dev/dsp, it probably can't be opened. To fix it:
- be root,
- add user to /dev/dsp's group

my installation won't let me log into an xwindows environment as root

Good thing. That is never necessary.

I have to do it through a terminal so some easy instructions would be
very welcome

You can start X Window programs as root, but I have no idea how to
solve the problem with them.

also how do I browse to my cd rom? It doesn't appear in konquerer and
I don't remember seing it mounted at boot.

It shouldn't be mounted at boot. Just make an entry like this in
/dev/cdrom	/media/cdrom	auto	ro,noauto,user,exec 0 0

After that, you can mount with
    mount /media/cdrom
or use one of the GUI tools. I usually use GKrellM.

Could someone point me to some easy to understand docs about the file
system, maybe with a graphical representation, as it seems so different
to billyware. I am trying to find java so I can get my browsers to run
applets (I use mozilla and konq).

Use Debian's installer for that. I am not sure about the package name,
    apt-cache search java
or maybe
    apt-cache search java | mozilla
should give you some hints, install is done with
    apt-get install <package>
(both as root).

To find the java executable (or any other) use
    which java
If you don't find anything, you have to dig deeper.
    locate bin/java
should get you at least one hit. If not, try to update the database
    su -c updatedb
Try the locate again after that. If that doesn't help, Java is not

As for the file system in general, Konqueror has a tree view, is that
not enough? What kind of graphical representation do you want?

For basics about GNU/Linux you should read a book, possibly on paper.

Finally (for now) is there a reason why I can't copy/paste between
applications? (ie. between advanced editor and mozilla news composer?)

You should use what is called the Primary Selection instead. It take
some time getting used to, but is much faster after that:
- Select the thing you want to transfer
- Middle-click at the place where you want it inserted.

what do mean by middle-click ?
I am confussed because my laptop has only two click button:
left and right.

No keys necessary. If you want to put a URL into Mozilla's location
bar, don't bother. Just select the URL and middle-click somewhere in
Mozilla's main window.


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