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2.4.18 PCMCIA troubles

I noticed a lot of posts concerning problems with PCMCIA support under 2.4.18 Setup is Toshiba Tecra 550 CDT - with a Billionton LNT-10TB PCMCIA network card. Alternatively - getting a 3Com OC 11G PCMCIA card running on it would be plus ... My box has Debian flavour - currently stable, since the network card is not running yet ...

It got it to run perfectly out of the box with the 2.2.20 kernel, so it is supported, and it also jumps up in /etc/pcmcia/config
So hardware-wise - everything seems ok - it should be supported ...

Some more info -
lsmod shows pcmcia-core is active
i82092 is unused

lspci turns nothing up that might be interesting for the network card ...

pcmcia restart results in the following error messages >
modulesinsmod : a module named pcmcia-core already exists
/lib/modules/2.4.18-1-586tsc/pcmcia/i82365.o : unresolved symbol isapnp_find_dev_R9991be23
ds: no socket drivers loaded!
/lib/modules/2.4.18-1-586tsc/pcmcia/ds.o : init_module : Operation not permitted

and then a hint about insmod errors being caused by incorrect module parameters ....

does anybody have any ideas ?
I've been looking around the net for solutions, and a many folks seem to have the same problem - and no solution ..

thanks already,


Frank Guthorel

Moriaanstraat 124 9050 Gent - Ledeberg
T:09/329.49.38 - G:0495/105.776

frank@codedor.be - www.codedor.be

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