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Re: Sound and network conflicts

On 17-12-2003, 12:41 -0500, Rob wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 December 2003 11:58 am, Andrei Stankevich wrote:
> <snip>
> > What I need to do to setup sound and network driver correctly?
> I had a similar situation a while back myself. If I ran pcmcia and tried to 
> use XMMS, it would stutter and lock. This is an older HP Omnibook 4100 with a 
> crystal audio chipset (cs4232 module). I had to determine which IRQ and IO 
> port settings are distinct for my audio hardware and (in my case) pcmcia. 
> After that, it was a matter of editing /etc/pcmcia/config.opts in which there 
> was this line:
> include port 0x100-0x4ff, port 0x800-0x8ff, port 0xc00-0xcff
> which I had to change to:
> include port 0x100-0x1ff, port 0x800-0x8ff, port 0xc00-0xcff
> I also added:
> exclude irq 9
> exclude irq 11
> to the end of the file to reserve those IRQs for my sound card. I was 
> fortunate to find these settings by doing some heavy searching, as I'm not 
> all that hardware savvy and I'd have no idea how to come up with them on my 
> own.
> Hopefully this might point you in the direction you need to go.
> Best of luck.

Many thanks for your answer.
But how can I get information about correct ports and IRQ numbers? 


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