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Re: Fujitsu Lifebook 1032?

On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 08:01:19AM -0800, John Bartley or K7AAY@ARRL.NET wrote:
> I noted a year ago, one posting from an intrepid soul who wanted to
> install onto a Fujitsu Lifebook 1032/1035 subnotebook.  His e-mail's
> changed, though, can't find him.
> Have not found any details since, and we'd sure like to install it onto
> our 1032, especially for hame radio packet use.  Your kind assistance
> would be appreciated for this first time user.

I have a FSC B-2130, Debian installs fine, I've even got swsusp working
under 2.4.21 (The 2130 is a PII-400, 196Mb, 6G, 10" touch screen, external
floppy & cdrom)

What problems to think you'll have?


-simonm (E: simon@asidua.com W: +44 28 9072 5060 M: +44 7710 836915)
Engineering is about making things work. Security is about making sure
things don't fail badly. You have to assume a malicious adversary.
							-- Bruce Schneier

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