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Re: display problem

Tim Folger wrote:


I've installed debian woody on a fujitsu laptop with a
screen resolution of 1024X768 with an ATI Rage
Mobility adapter. I used the ati driver and the
configuration of X seemed to go smoothly. When I start
X (and KDE) everything looks fine. But when I shut
down the system something strange happens: an area on
the monitor that appears to be about 640X480 pixels in
size is filled with narrow colored vertical lines. The
rest of the screen is black. When the hard drive stops
the screen goes black and I can shut down my computer.
It starts up again normally, KDE loads and everything
looks fine, but during shutdown I always get a screen
that is partially filled with those colored lines. I
guess I expected to see text scrolling by when I shut
down. I'm completely new to debian, and also quite new
to Linux, so any advice would be much appreciated.

hi tim,

I also get this problem. Are you running sid (unstable)?
Try pressing <ctrl> <alt> <f1> to switch to virtual terminals, and <ctrl> <alt> <f7> to switch back to x again... do you get these line then?

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