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Re: ACPI on IBM Thinkpad T30

On Tue, 18 Nov 2003 21:12:24 -0500
bxf4@psu.edu (Brian P. Flaherty) wrote:

> Do you have cpufreqd or cpudynd running? (Maybe another possibility is
> powernowd, but I haven't tried this one)?  If not, both are in Debian
> (at least in testing).  Try one.  In order to test if it is working, I
> would suggest cpudynd because if there isn't a load on the CPU, it
> drops the speed to the lowest possible value.  cat /proc/cpuinfo with
> cpudynd running and it should show a number smaller than the speed of
> your CPU.

thanks, cpudyn looks quite nice. I'll give it a try.

> > Content of /proc/acpi/processor/CPU/info:
> >    processor id:            0
> >    acpi id:                 1
> >    bus mastering control:   yes
> >    power management:        yes
> >    throttling control:      yes
> >    performance management:  no       <----- (!!)
> >    limit interface:         yes
> This one (ACPI performance management) will switch to yes if you drop
> speedstep_centrino (or whatever driver you are using) and modprobe -a
> acpi (obviously you need to build it first, and it may not be in the
> default set of choices).  I have the file acpi.ko in the directory
> /lib/modules/linux-2.6.0-test9/kernel/arch/i386/cpu/.  I believe this
> allows ACPI to control CPU frequency and you should see a yes up there
> (cat /proc/acpi/process/CPU/info).  But I really like cpudynd.

I compiled acpi and cpufreq into the kernel. Modules won't compile due
to unresolved symbols. But Mike Phillips' way seems to work quite nice.

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