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re: wireless configuration questions

Quoting Tim Folger:

>>Are there some other parameters or commands I need to enable internet
>>access for my wireless network?
>>Thanks in advance.

I never messed with *any* config files to get my Orinoco Gold-based Dell
Truemobile 1150 Wireless PCMCIA card.  I simply activated the Hermes
chipset support and driver during the initial Debian install (can also
be done by running "modconf" from the command line) and installed
"wireless-tools."  After that, I ran "cardmgr" from the console and
popped in the wireless card.  I received two beeps, indicating
detection.  Finally, I ran "iwconfig eth0," which autodetected
everything and captured an IP address.  That's it! I've read a lot of
documents with notes on editing the config files you mentioned, but I
never had to mess with any of it, and I'm running the stock kernel with
Woody.... good luck!


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