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Re: Configuring AC97 sound

Have you tried making yourself member of the audio group?

root> adduser DonaldDuck audio

  / jL

Tim Folger wrote:

Hi Lynn,

This may not be of much help to you now, but when you installed Woody did you also configure your sound card during the "configure device driver modules" stage of the installation? There is a driver available for AC97 during that part of the installation. Someone with more experience than I can probably tell you how to do a post-install configuration of your sound card.


Lynn W. wrote:

How do I activate sound so I can play music files in KDE using XMMS?

I did a basic install of Debian 3.0 Woody, and after successfully
configuring web server type stuff, decided to see how to get a desktop
environment up and running out of curiosity. So I installed
x-window-system, kde, kdm and xmms and receive a sound card error
"device /dev/dsp" can't be opened on starting up kde.

(By the way, can XMMS play .ogg by default? MP3?)

lspci says my Dell GX200 has an Intel 82801AA AC97 Audio device.

I tried disabling aRTs in KDE's control panel, installing/runnning
sndconfig & alsaconf all to no avail.

Various Google searches suggest installing modules ac97_codec.o, sound
and soundcore, but I have no idea where to find these or how to install
these (they do not seem to be on the first Debian Woody CD and not in

Can anyone advise? My Debian experience has been great so far, and I am
sure it's my inexperience that is tripping me up!

Thanks in advance!

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