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Inittab runlevel problem


I have two problems. First, when X starts, I am taken to the GDM login
screen, but my keyboard or mouse arent recognized.I will come to this

But initially, when I boot up, Im not able to go the virtual terminal
login screen. After booting, x starts and up comes the GNOME login screen
and since no input from keyboard/mouse is recognized , I cant do much.

Somebody sugggested, setting the run level to 2 in the /etc/inittab file.
I did check its contents and it is 2. While boot up, it does show ;
INIT : Entering runlevel: 2. But after booting is complete , GNOME
screen comes up.How can I fix this,so that I stay at the
virtual terminal screen, without having to press Alt F1 ?

Im using woody, linux version 2.2.20, nvidia geoforce2 MX 400 video card.
Im not sure, what other information I should provide here.

Please advise. Thanks,


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