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Another gimp user can't get a pcmcia network card to work

Problem: pcmcia NIC doesn't work
stuff I know: pcmcia_cs module is installed and pcmcia_core (unless these are the same thing ;)) 8139too module is installed and ive edited /etc/modules to run it on startup.
If I do ifconfig eth0 i get an error message "eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found" but if i do "modprobe 8139too" it spits out all good output about loading the module etc (my NIC is Realtek by the way) then if i do ifconfig eth0 i get (normalish output) but no ip address, also if i try ifconfig "eth0" i get
"SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy" as output, however if i do "ifconfig eth0" now i get the correct ip address subnet mask and broadcast address (but can't ping anything).
I have no idea what is wrong and why its not working sorry for my crappy post (english is not my first language). I hope it makes since and I can be helped.

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