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Re: add kernel modules

Here is an example I found on google of a floppy diskette installation
for debian.  Follow the rules for "Install Foreign Modules."  That
should get ya going for the tulip module.

Link: http://pigtail.net/nicholas/linux/debian.html

Floppy installation:
at the stage "Install Kernel and Drivers Modules", select /dev/fd0,
you will be asked to insert the driver-1 diskette.
You will be asked "Configure Device Driver Module", at this stage, 
choose "Alternate1 Install Foreign Modules", insert the "Intel gige
driver diskette" and answer No to "skip".
Then, choose "Configure Device Driver Modules"
choose "net" and select the "e1000" driver.

-Donnie Jones

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 11:20, Tom wrote:
> Hi list,
> i am trying to install debian on a dell inspiron 5000e, using netinst
> cd image.
> however the pcmcia xircom card won't work. Silly problem: i just don't
> know how to add the tulip module. i have it on disk, but can't tell
> the installer to look there. 
> any help is appreciated.
> best regards,
> Tom

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