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--- debian-laptop@lists.debian.org wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> MK> I think, I will install an M$-Outlook filter
> witch sends a
> MK> Message to the sender that I dont like to be in
> his/her Adressbook.
> MK>
> MK> PM's from Outlook-Users are not welcome same for
> Cc: because I am
> MK> on the List.
> The virus (Gibe-F) does not need Outlöök, it has its
> own smtp-engine and
> is therefore idependent of any mail agent. It will,
> however, read
> addresses from Outlook Address book, if I am not
> mistaken. But it will
> also read almost anything else on the disk to find
> valid email addresses.
> On top of that it will try ICQ and whatever to
> disseminate itself.
> Regards, STefan
> debian @ goessling . de
> PS: I opted for changing my from. The list address
> is in the virusses
> email database anyway, as soon as the PC is
> infected. And the list server
> obviously has a virus filter. So at least I avoid
> the virus being send
> to one further address (i.e. mine :-).
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