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RE: [OT] Virusses (many!) via list?

Hi all,

I am also receiving a _lot_ of these #$@#% emails from spammers, especially
with attachments of 150k. Does anybody know which mailfilter I should use ?
My wishlist is:
- I'd like to filter based on rules (regexp)
- I'd like to have a report of what got filtered and why. On this topic, I
remember once someone sending a report from his mailfilter giving a score to
the email. This score was based on points associated to the probability it
is a spam (like 5 points for certain keywords, more for big attachments,
points for the sender -whether it's valid or not), etc...
- whether it uses config files or has a web front-end doesn't really

Suggestions are more than welcome.

Thanks !


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