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Re: [OT] Outlook/OE users: please remove me from your address book

Am 2003-09-26 20:23:58, schrieb Zak:
>I have been receiving 90-110 worm propagation emails every day. Based on
>IP addresses, I have concluded that they can only be coming from members
>of this list. I don't really care what email software complete strangers
>use, but if you're going to use one that's full of holes allowing for
>arbitrary execution of code you receive in your email, MAKE SURE I AM
>NOT IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK! I am tired of having to download 16M of
>malware every day. I do not have control over the mail server for this
>account, or I would block this cruft and teergrube the senders.

Hello Zak, 

I have greped my whole $HOME for E-Mails where I have written something.

Then I have created a new E-Mail-Account and send out a Bulk of around 
1200 Messages to all. - Curently I am waiting for answers !!!

I try to detect, who is using Windows and Outlook. 

Scripts that spider the E-Mails are already prepared. 
I like to force the Persons That they remove me immediatly from there 
Computers. Even it is a Business Contact (Like UUnet and some others 
in Germany - Argggggg...)

I do not wish any E-Mail-Contacts with People using Outlook.


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