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Re: Dell Inspiron 5100 + DHCP

On September 14, 2003 02:45, ThanhVu Nguyen wrote:
> I tried using the bcm4400 , exact problem as before, static ip works
> fine but nothing from dhcp.  Perhaps I am missing something ?   do you
> do anyt special setup other than changing the static to dhcp in
> /etc/networking/interface and apt-get install dhcpclient ?   What about
> kernel options ?  need anything turn on / off ?

Try typing dhclient as a root. Also, you can instal etherconf. During 
configuration choose option dhcp. Everything should work fine. If you already 
have etherconf installed try dpkg-reconfigure etherconf. This will however 
erase any previous configuration for eth0 you had before. I don't know how to 
configure multiple network connections for a single card :-(. If you figure 
it out please let me know.


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