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Re: best laptops for debian linux

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 01:12:47AM -0700, Jon wrote:
> I'm looking to buy a laptop that can easily be set up to run debian
> linux.  I do not need a high end graphics card, nor is there a real
> need for a big screen.   Being light weight is not a primary factor,
> whereas rugged reliability would be.  Can anyone suggest particular
> brands and models that fit this description?  Top priority is that
> debian linux can be easily installed on the machine, while the other
> requirements are less important.
> Many thanks.

This may sound unintesrting but "Buy most popular PC in your area for
the class of PC.".  First thing to check is screen resolution!

This is how I check.

* Hardware compatibility issue

1.  Is the graphics chip supported by Xfree4.x?  (If you upgrade soon to
Sarge in preparation, it should be quite OK.)

2.  Is your PC has some weired feature to be cheap.  Shared memory
graphics card is first thing I can think of.  If you can afford, please
avoid these.  This is usually budget issue and relatively non-issue
since X should be OK by now.

3.  I will not worry about Linmodem issue.  Who use modem.  Make sure to
get one with Ethernet.  Also make sure you have cardbus PCMCIA (Most of
new PC does.).  These are feature and budget issues.

When you talk about reliability, buy the big brand.  This reaches:

IBM:  If you can afford.  Their high end are nice.

Sony/Toshiba/...: Pretty good for the price.  They are note-PC companies.

Dell/...:      It is good for most business so should be OK.  (Remember,
     Dell's dominance is only desktop/server PC.  They are not the
     performance leader but price leader)

HP:  Expensive.

Totally generic Taiwanese PC:  Hey, if you get reliable local store, you
     may consider but risky.

FYI:  I have following Linux note-PCs:

1.  IBM i486 DX2 50 MHz ThinkPad (Router/Server, 9 year old.)
2.  Sony UXGA, 2GHz  Nice and reliable.
3.  Dell inspiron (Bought used at 200 Euro, 300 MHz P2/XGA)  
    Nice but slow for heavy X apps.


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