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Re: best laptops for debian linux

On ו', 2003-09-12 at 21:06, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 01:12:47AM -0700, Jon wrote:
> > I'm looking to buy a laptop that can easily be set up to run debian
> > linux.  I do not need a high end graphics card, nor is there a real
> > need for a big screen.   Being light weight is not a primary factor,
> > whereas rugged reliability would be.  Can anyone suggest particular
> > brands and models that fit this description?  Top priority is that
> > debian linux can be easily installed on the machine, while the other
> > requirements are less important.
> > Many thanks.
> This may sound unintesrting but "Buy most popular PC in your area for
> the class of PC.".  First thing to check is screen resolution!
> This is how I check.
> * Hardware compatibility issue
> 1.  Is the graphics chip supported by Xfree4.x?  (If you upgrade soon to
> Sarge in preparation, it should be quite OK.)
> 2.  Is your PC has some weired feature to be cheap.  Shared memory
> graphics card is first thing I can think of.  If you can afford, please
> avoid these.  This is usually budget issue and relatively non-issue
> since X should be OK by now.
> 3.  I will not worry about Linmodem issue.  Who use modem.  Make sure to
> get one with Ethernet.  Also make sure you have cardbus PCMCIA (Most of
> new PC does.).  These are feature and budget issues.
> When you talk about reliability, buy the big brand.  This reaches:
> IBM:  If you can afford.  Their high end are nice.
> Sony/Toshiba/...: Pretty good for the price.  They are note-PC companies.
> Dell/...:      It is good for most business so should be OK.  (Remember,
>      Dell's dominance is only desktop/server PC.  They are not the
>      performance leader but price leader)
> HP:  Expensive.
> Totally generic Taiwanese PC:  Hey, if you get reliable local store, you
>      may consider but risky.
> FYI:  I have following Linux note-PCs:
> 1.  IBM i486 DX2 50 MHz ThinkPad (Router/Server, 9 year old.)
> 2.  Sony UXGA, 2GHz  Nice and reliable.
> 3.  Dell inspiron (Bought used at 200 Euro, 300 MHz P2/XGA)  
>     Nice but slow for heavy X apps.
> Osamu

I would avoid buying a sony.
I got everything to work under linux, but they customer support is
nonexistent, even for windows.
Tried to contact them several times with problems on my laptop. If I
mentioned I was running linux the immediate reply was they don't support
linux. Otherwise the email replay was call us, which resulted with a
support guy telling me to press the power button for 60 sec and then I
was told to send it in for repair.
Their repair shop did one of the worst jobs I have ever seen, and
changed 250$ for warranty work.
IBMs are good afaik if you can aford them.
Be carefull with no brand laptops.
Also some of the non intel/amd cpus can cause problems. A friend of mine
has a giga-something cpu which apperently doesn't run matlab since it
doesn't support java, or at list matlab's java.

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