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Audio Controller Probs on Dell Inspiron 2500

I found threads with your names on them...I was hoping you can help me.
I suddenly can't play any audio files.  The message I receive when I try to play a CD on my Windows Media Player is:
"Cannnot play back the audio stream; no audio hardware is available, or the hardware is not responding".
When I look at "Sounds & Audio Devices Properties", I find everything is working alright except for the "Intel9r) 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller".  The device status states: "This device cannot start (Code 10). 
I've followed the Troubleshooter Menu's instructions of uninstalling, then re-installing the device, but I continue to have the same messages & problem. 
What other options do I have?  I'd really appreciate any help you can offer!
Yvonne Houchin
I have a Dell Inspiron 2500 running on Windows XP Home Edition.

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