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Re: New Dell Inspiron 1100, video problems

On Sunday 07 September 2003 01:12, Joe Wreschnig wrote:
> Ugh; I had read that page, and suspected something like that...
> Well, it's good that someone is on their case about it. If you need
> any help (even if it's just someone else to yell at them), let me
> know.


I just talked to Dell support again. They now understood my problem, 
gave an exact description of my problem and told my that they won't 
solve it. They said look for a BIOS upgrade, maybe it'll be provided, 
maybe not, we can't do anything about that.

Well, I got really mad at the Hotline guy, I demanded to talk to his 
supervisor (which he didn't let me do) and I said that they're giving 
Dell a bad name with this kind of 'support'. I said I know other 
people who have the same problem and that there has to be some way to 
talk to the Dell BIOS people. He claimed that he couldn't talk to 
them but I think that's just a lame excuse because he doens't want to 
go to the hassle of finding out.

Well, anyway, I got so angry at them that they finally agreed to call 
me back on Friday and that they would try to find out whether this 
BIOS update will ever be available at all. No promises to solve my 
problem, though. "We don't support Linux, blabla."

So, bottom line: Please give your country's Dell support a try. I 
couldn't get through, maybe you can. Please, I mean this is of 
importance to all of us.

Best regards,

---  Magnus von Koeller ---
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