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Re: New Dell Inspiron 1100, video problems


I'm having the exact same problem as you do, even though I have the 
Inspiron 500m (bought in Germany). Same graphics chip, though. The 
problem is that Dell just doesn't provide the needed Video BIOS 

Intel describes the needed update here:

I'm currently working very hard on the Dell support (I had to get 
really angry until the guy accepted that I really do have a clue and 
know what I'm talking about). I want to know who's responsible for 
BIOS upgrades and pressure them into providing an update. I haven't 
had any success whatsoever yet, though, but I'll let you know as soon 
as I get new information. They just keep insisting they don't support 
Linux and stuff. I hope I can put some pressure on them, though.

Best regards,

---  Magnus von Koeller ---
email:    magnus@vonkoeller.de
address:  International University
          Campus 9, App. 16
          D-76646 Bruchsal / Germany
mobile:   +49-179-4562940
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