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Changing channels with an orinoco


I now have PCMCIA working (albeit only for one port, but I can live with that
at the moment). 

However, I want to be able to connect to different wireless networks at
different locations, requiring me to change channels on my wireless card. This
is a problem because I can't do it:

#iwconfig eth0 channel 3

Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : 
    SET failed on device eth0 ; Invalid argument. 

Things i've done:
	Upgraded the firmware to the latest firmware from the USRobotics
	Upgraded the orinoco driver in the kernel to 0.13e and patched it with
	the schmoo patch.
	Upgraded pcmcia-cs just in case I needed to.

However, the fact of the matter is I cant change the channel at iwconfig or as
a HOWTO I read describes, at modprobe time. I tried adding the relevant options
to /etc/modutils/aliases for the orinoco_cs driver for that, but still no joy.

Question 1) Do you even use iwconfig to change the channel for this
IntersilOrinoco basebased card? Do you use another utility altogether? -- Im
almost 100% sure that the version of Kismet 3 on the machine is swapping
channels, as it finds networks on all different channels if I wander up and
down my street.

Question 2) Am I missing anything? Basically I want a test environment -- my
next door neighbour has permitted me to use his wireless ap (channel 3). I
can't seem to connect to him, is it just that I'm on the wrong channel or is
something else up?

Question 3) How do you actually find out what channel your card is running on?

Your help is greatly recieved as usual,

	Alistair Ross
Alistair J. Ross
IT Consultancy, Internet & Open Source Specialist
Tel: 0702 112 8458 / 0870 748 4346

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