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Re: No fsck in battery mode

From: "Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shaleh@debian.org>

> So several of people have answered your question directly, however I would
> like to caution you against this.
> If fsck actually needs to run you are placing your data at considerable

The whole point, though, is that it doesn't really _need_ to run in this
situation.  There's no reason why even an ext2 system should really _need_
to be fsck'd every 'n' mounts or 'm' days.  If it is a good idea to fsck it
every 20 (or so) mounts, making it happen on the 21st isn't going to hurt.

And installing ext3 doesn't change the fact that your system gets regularly
fsck'd, and provides no obvious documentation suggesting that it's safe to
remove the fsck.


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