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Re: No fsck in battery mode

On Sunday 07 September 2003 10:26, Matt Foster wrote:
> I completly agree with what you're saying, but if you're on the move,
> few things are more irritating than having to wait ten minutes for your
> system to start-up. If you're like me, then you only use your laptop on
> battery periodically, and at that point its normally fine to let fsck
> run its course.
> Regardless of fs type(ext2 or 3, that is), fsck is run at startup, and
> on my system the file system gets checked every 20something mounts
> regardless. Maybe I'm missing something.

An ext3 fs should not really run fsck, it looks at the journals to make sure 
everything is order and moves on.  A minute or so, tops.

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