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Re: New Dell Inspiron 1100, video problems

Hi Damien,

this is what I already told Joe and what I'm going to tell everybody 
with this problem: Please go hassle Dell support. And don't use 
E-Mail, they'll just give you crap answers, I tried that three times. 
Call them up and be a REAL pain in the ass for them. Tell them you're 
a CS student (which I assume you are, doesn't matter if you're not), 
so you know what you're talking about and that you're really pissed 
at their bad support.

Try to get through to the people that are _directly_ responsible for 
BIOS upgrades. And if you have their number or something, please give 
them to us so that we can hassle them, as well. We really, badly have 
to put some high pressure on Dell in this matter because there's no 
way their current behaviour is acceptable.

Anyway, first get your exams done. Good luck.

---  Magnus von Koeller ---
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address:  International University
          Campus 9, App. 16
          D-76646 Bruchsal / Germany
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