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Re: New Dell Inspiron 1100, video problems

Quoting Joe Wreschnig <piman@sacredchao.net>:

> I just found:
> Apparently a recent BIOS upgrade broke the laptop's X support. I never
> got to try the "good" BIOS mentioned (A21 and A06), since I just bought
> it.
> "Unfortunately, because of the nature of the upgrade from A06 to A22, it
> is not possible downgrade. This is normal, and is not a glitch. The
> heart of the issue is that the A22 revision is a totally different
> format of BIOS than the previous version. So A22 was specially designed
> to make that change in the old BIOS and it is not currently a reversible
> process." -- Dell Support,
> *sigh*
> -- 
> Joe Wreschnig <piman@sacredchao.net>

Sadly, I upgraded to the A22 BIOS just a couple of hours ago, and am now unable
to start XFree86. Is there any way I can get X up and running, eg with the VESA
driver? I _desperately_ need to get it working, as I have an exam tomorrow, and
my notes are all in .sxw format!


Damien Solley

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