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Re: ATI M9 DRM issues,

[20030905] Micha Feigin <michf@post.tau.ac.il> wrote:

> > I'm using Daniel Stone's XF 4.3.0 packages -- these are of course built
> > on woody and I'm running Sarge, but I can't imagine this causing any
> > problems. I will rebuild locally to be sure but I honestly doubt this
> > will solve anything.
> If you are using X 4.3.0 then the standard drm kernel drivers won't work
> and you need to get updated drivers. look in www.dri.org iirc for
> updated drivers.
> Standard kernel drivers are only for X 4.2 (And maybe 4.1 don't know).

Check kernel 2.4.23-pre3 (released today). From the changelog :

DRM now supports XFree 4.3.


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