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Re: Compaq Presario 900 can't find hard drive

On Понедельник 01 Сентябрь 2003 01:06 pm, criggie wrote:
> I've got access to a Compaq Presario 900 through work, an AMD
> Athlon-based machine.
> I've got around a couple of problems, I have to boot with ide=nodma
> and nomce according to various web sites.
> So I can get right to the start of the installation procedure, but
> both fdisk and cfdisk say "can't open /dev/hda"
> The drive is an 18 Gb Fujitsu 2.5" drive on an ALI controller, and
> it is visible in the dmesg output.  However, if I reboot from there
> and let it start the other installed OS then it sais "NO OPERATING
> It seems that something is shutting down/spinning down the IDE
> drive or the controller so that a power off is required to reset
> it.
> Anyone got any ideas?

with kernel 2.4.22 you should be all right without any special 
options. Also I recommend that you subscribe to presario900 mail 
list:  http://videl.ics.hawaii.edu/mailman/listinfo/linuxpresario900


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