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Dell Inspiron 5100 + Debian Woody : DRI & ACPI won't work

It seems to me that DRI  &   ACPI  won't work on this machine w/
Debian Woody.  

For Dri:  I've compiled the latest kernel and tried it with different
XFREE versions, even the unofficial 4.2 debs ... no go. The Radeon that
I d/led from dri.sf.net loaded,  modprobe agpgart , modprobe radeon ,  X
starts fine , only problem is that Dri does not run (from glxinfo)

For Acpi: one of the steps require using Intels iasl tool and this
tool apparently requires GLIB2.3 .  Woody comes with 2.2 

So *if anyone* can get these 2 working on Woody, please let me know -
Thanks in advance.  

PS.  What about Sarge ?  Anyone has success setting up Sarge w/ this
laptop ?   


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