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[ANNOUNCE] resolvconf -- Manage the resolv.conf file

The resolvconf package contains the infrastructure required for sane
updating of the /etc/resolv.conf file as interfaces go up and down
and DNS caches start and stop.  While resolvconf is appropriate for
any networked computer, it is especially useful on roaming machines.

The package uses hooks provided by pppd, DHCP clients and ifupdown
to gather information about what nameservers are available.  Based
on this information it maintains a correct resolv.conf file for
users of the libc resolver and a different resolv.conf file for
dnsmasq or a named.conf options fragment for bind|bind9 named.
Resolvconf provides hooks so that applications that use the libc
resolver can arrange to be notified when the file changes.  (The
maintainer of squid has told me that he will use this feature.)

Resolvconf solves the problem of various interface configurers
contending for control of /etc/resolv.conf.  Also, because the
variable resolv.conf file is stored by default in /var/run/,
resolvconf is compatible with a read-only root filesystem.

For the most part it suffices simply to install the package.  Support
for pump, dhcp3-client, dhcpcd, ifupdown, laptop-net, and dnsmasq
is built in.  Although support for resolvconf has not yet been built
into the bind and bind9 packages, the README explains how to configure
the latter by hand.  (It's easy.)

Resolvconf is now available in experimental.


After installing the package, read the README if you want to gain an
understanding of how resolvconf works.  Please file bugs through the
bug tracking system if you run into any difficulties.

Thomas Hood
Resolvconf package:
GNU/Linux on a ThinkPad 600X page:
ifupdown-roam -- roaming extensions for ifupdown -- home page
read-only root information page

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