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Re: experience with late model laptops?

On Mon, 4 Aug 2003 12:33:36 -0700
"Provost, Stephane" <sprovost@nuera.com> wrote:

> Centrino(...) battery life is... much better.
> IBMs and Dells have the best battery life. Note one thing: all the
> online tests you'll see only mention big brands, but never generics.
> So I am sure they're a little biased and cheaper generic models might
> cut just as well as expensive models.

The other day I was idly thinking about batteries.  I have an ancient
P166 toshiba tecra with two Li ION batteries, which gives ~3 hours
battery life.  The new work laptops have one battery, half the
size/weight with approximately the same battery life.

Why hasn't some bright-spark started making *new* batteries for older
machines, using current technologies, rather than re-packing them. 
Similarly to how VIA's C3 CPUs are made with modern methods but at sub
1GHz speeds thus requiring no active cooling...

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