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Re: grip and suspend problems

On 29 Jul 2003, matt zagrabelny wrote:
> while using grip my laptop suspends itself uncontrollably. i have a
> thinkpad t20 using debian sid, kernel 2.4.21, and grip 3.0.7
> scenario:
> on some random track all of a sudden my laptop is suspended. i
> un-suspend it. roughly 5-25 seconds later it suspends again. this
> process continues until all tracks have been ripped *and* encoded.
> as soon as the last track is encoded, the laptop returns to normal
> operation.
> this does not happen consistently, so i dont expect anyone to help me
> solve this. but i am wondering if anyone else has had this *strange*
> problem.

I would put money on the problem being one of heat dissipation, possibly
compounded by the fan control being mis-managed by the Linux ACPI or APM

The T series are very small, too, which would compound the problem.

Does it happen when you are doing something else CPU intensive?

Also, check the temperature of the exhaust from the CPU fan on the
machine. You may find a hint there about it being (or not being) an
overheating problem.


[1]  I don't know about your laptop specifically, but older ACPI or APM
     on some machines reportedly *never* enables the fan.

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