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Re: restricting samba access a bit

On Tuesday 29 July 2003 08:49, Mateusz Latusek wrote:
> You should place -o before the device name,
> mount -t smbfs -o username=p //desktop/root /mnt/desktop
> ML
> On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Peter Salisbury wrote:
> > I'm connecting my laptop into a mixed Linux/MSW network using samba
> > shares.  I want access to files on my desktop. At the moment I do this
> > using a 'guest' share - no password required. This works OK but I'd like
> > to make it more secure so I tried changing the share on the desktop to
> > allow only "valid users peter". I then tried to mount the share on my
> > laptop using: mount -t smbfs //desktop/root /mnt/desktop -o
> > username=peter
> > I was then prompted for my password which I gave correctly.
> > The mount was rejected on my laptop saying invalid username/password
> > combination and the samba log on the desktop reported an invalid login.
> > The strange thing was it reported the login by user "nobody" which is the
> > guest username. I tried fiddling with various settings (via webmin and by
> > editing the samba conf file) but it was always the same: the username
> > part of the mount seems to be ignored.

Thanks for the reply Mateusz. Actually it doesn't seem to matter where the -o 
comes. The problem was I didn't realise I had to transfer the Unix users to a 
separate Samba users list. Once I did that (webmin makes it nice and easy) 
all was OK - I just put the users I wanted in the valid users list and it 

Thanks for making me think again! Peter

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