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Re: exim on laptops: smarthost on demand

The ifupdown-roaming package provides a script that simplifies
the setting of the smarthost for exim.  The script is called
'set-mail-relay'.  Here are the comments at the top of the file

# Usage:
#   set-mail-relay MTA none       # Do not use a mail relay
#   set-mail-relay MTA RELAYHOST  # Make MTA use specified relay host
#   set-mail-relay MTA queue RELAYHOST  # Place on the queue.
#                                 # When the queue is flushed, mail
#                                 # will be relayed to RELAYHOST

You can use this script even if you don't want to use ifscout,
the automatic interface mapper that comes with ifupdown-roaming.
You can get the latest package at:


Thomas Hood

On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 16:23, Christian Lyra wrote:
> I use to use the ifupdown-roaming package. With this package the machine 
> automagically detect the right network and may run custom commands. So, to 
> solve your problem is only a matter of putting a little script on the "up / 
> down" network interface section. 
> 	You can have two exim configuration files, let´s say, exim.conf-home and 
> exim.conf-other. On the "up" interface command you choose the right one, link 
> it to exim.conf, and restart exim. 
> 	ah... of course... you can hack /etc/init.d/exim too, and choose the right 
> config file at start.

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