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Re: exim on laptops: smarthost on demand


	I use to use the ifupdown-roaming package. With this package the machine 
automagically detect the right network and may run custom commands. So, to 
solve your problem is only a matter of putting a little script on the "up / 
down" network interface section. 
	You can have two exim configuration files, let´s say, exim.conf-home and 
exim.conf-other. On the "up" interface command you choose the right one, link 
it to exim.conf, and restart exim. 

	ah... of course... you can hack /etc/init.d/exim too, and choose the right 
config file at start.

On Monday 28 July 2003 11:11, François TOURDE wrote:
> Le 12261ième jour après Epoch,
> Andreas Gredler écrivait:
> > Hi,
> Hello,
> > I've been trying to find a way that I can use a smarthost only when I'm
> > connected to a specific network. That means when I'm at home I don't
> > want to use a smarthost, when I'm at work I have to use a smarthost.
> > It would be easy to rewrite the whole exim configfile, but that is not
> > the way that I prefer.
> If you receive solutions or URL in private, please post here. I'm
> interested on this issue too.
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